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Jun. 4th, 2007 | 02:39 pm
posted by: nina_rippner in terror_tactics

Your email address: afn@casonclan.us

Character's Name: Skyler Carston

Type of OC: Coworker

Age: 24

Brief Physical Description: (Does ‘Hawt’ count?) Tall, Muscular, he’s got the whole Sinjaya hair thing going on. Black hair, Crystalline green eyes.

Basic History: When he was five, both of his parents died in a car accident. He was then shipped off to Miami to live with his Grandma.
One day, when he was twelve, he came home and his Grandma had had a heart attack and died. Instead of going into a foster home, Skyler ran away. Having not even finished jr High, he was not able to get a job and had to ‘Mug’ people on the streets to be able to eat.

When he was about eighteen, he was approached by a man who said he had a job for him. All he had to do was follow a woman for a couple weeks and then kill her. But once he killed her, he suddenly found out that what the man was talking was not only on job. By the time he was twenty three, he was known as one of the best Managers in the company. Once he found out that he was going to be working with the Jackson Rippner, he was more then excited, but once he heard what the job was, Skyler nearly turned it down. It would be the first job that was not only on a plane, but also where he did not know what to expect from the victims.

Personality: Sarcastic, Kinda pig headed, he knows how attractive he is. VERY into woman.

Sample of Dialogue: “This is NOT how I pictured my life ten years ago.

Sample of Non-Dialogue Writing: The only sound that Skyler could hear was the sound of his own heat beating in his ears. It amazed how many people just made their way onto the plane with no idea as what was about to happen to their lives. Oh stop it! He scolded himself silently as he felt his palms begin to sweat. This would be his first job that he wasn’t able to stalk the victim before hand to get an idea as to how to handle them.

However, Jackson had ran through the general details of what to expect from the passengers a few days ago. Skyler felt some of the tension ease off his shoulders, but he could tell he was still nervous. He knew though, that once the plane took off he would be just fine. Jackson Rippner had seemed to take Skyler somewhat under his wing since they had gotten the assignment.

P.S. I was jotting down some things for this. I don’t know if you would want the whole ‘Jackson Mentor’ Relationship in the actual thing.

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