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Jun. 11th, 2007 | 08:03 pm
posted by: evenstar_brego in terror_tactics

                Lisa’s arm was jostled by a passenger and her eyes snapped open.

                So much for relaxing!

                She resisted the urge to glare at the inconsiderate person who’d bumped into her arm, then reminded herself that she wasn’t supposed to be angry at people. She could be angry, she just couldn’t show it. Visible bursts of any emotion other than happy would shattered the image of people-pleaser that she’d gained over the years as well as alert others to her instablity. She couldn’t afford for either one to happen.

                Lisa took a deep breath and mentally reined in her anger. You don’t want to snap at these people—you’ve still got a few hours before you land in Miami. There’s no sense in pissing off the other travelers..they probably are just as excited as you are to be on this plane.

                Tucking her arm inside her seat, she flicked her eyes closed again and willed her body to allow her to steal a few precious minutes of sleep. It would be a nice surprise to wake up once they were in the air, but she seriously doubted her ability to sleep through take-off. There was just too much commotion on the plane as it was.

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