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Jun. 25th, 2007 | 09:53 pm
posted by: evenstar_brego in terror_tactics

Katherine Winters rolled her clear blue eyes at the passenger in front of her who was taking for-freaking-ever to get to his seat.

Waiting was by far that most annoying part of any job. The years had taught her patience, yet she still got the occassional pre-job jitters. Once her co-workers were all in place and the plane took off, she would relax. Until then, her foot would tap, she would glance at her watch every few minutes, and she would appear to be an another annoyed passenger.

            As soon as the plan was in motion, her cool, logical mind would take over. She would have to pay close attention to her facial expressions until her role in the upcoming drama arrived. Lacking empathy was an asset in her business, but it required added attention to fake normalcy in order to avoid scaring others.

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