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Jun. 5th, 2007 | 11:10 pm
posted by: playswithstars in terror_tactics

(to be clear we worked on this together) 

Ella quickly glanced at the girl's stomach subconsciously upon her mentioning the pregnancy thing.  She didn't look much older than her to already be having a baby. Since she was traveling by herself Ella found herself wondering if maybe she was alone during what could be a very difficult time.  "So are you headed home to your family for the Christmas Holiday?" 
Keenya smiled when she saw the woman glance at her stomach. "Sort of, I'm heading home to see my dad. Long story, but I have feeling this visit will be anything but a holiday
"You haven't told him yet, have you?" Ella asked politely in reference to her last comment. 
"No, I haven't, and I'm not really sure how he'll take the news..." she trialed off, lost in thought
"Well how could he not be happy about being a grandparent. I'm sure he'll be excited at the news" Ella said cheerfully
"He's not really the type to get happy about that. He'll find something wrong about me having a kid, most likely." Keenya smiled sadly.
"And the father..." Ella asked curiously "Is he back at home waiting for you?"
She shook her head, "One night stand."
"Ohh" Ella said quietly mentally kicking herself for asking "I'm sorry"
"Don't be," she said quickly. "It was stupid and reckless and never should have happened."
"Are you planning on stay long? I assume you don't live near your father"
"Well, my dad won't last much longer. I'm planning on staying as long as possible so I can a few good memories with him."
"That's sad" Ella said thinking about how she was going home to her whole family in New York "I hope your time with him goes well"
"Pray for me." She laughed.
Ella smiled. "Alright. I'm just hoping this flight goes okay"
"I think everyone is."
"At least it's a pretty short flight and I can get my feet on solid ground soon" Ella added in nervously.
"At least," Keenya grinned.

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